A small town at Podkarpacie, Poland, about one hour by bus from Rzeszów. A narrow-gauge railway from Dynów to Przeworsk being the main attraction, this place offers much more during the summer: De-Novo Festival.
It happens almost every year, includes summer camps for children, workshops, and concerts. The big finale is an outdoor performance prepared by Dynów people and their friends, including professionals and amateurs.

Twice I helped to organize it, firstly in 2013: doing the dirty jobs like raking leaves or cleaning an old shed, the nicer ones like distributing leaflets, posting ads, and more creative: sewing wigs, painting glass and conducting and preparing interviews and articles.
A lot of fun and hard work!

An old shed

The local band - Bocca della Verita, which plays poetry in rock arrangements, took my breath away at the first concert. Check them out.

Bocca della Verita

In 2014 I spent there shorter time, mostly sewing costumes, making scenography and taking photos. We prepared "The Book of Paradise" based on the story by Icyk Manger, based on the Jewish legend. It says that every person is living in Paradise before is born, but then God flicks them on the nose, and people forget about that life. But Szmul Aba somehow saved this memory and now tells stories about this unusual place.

Trying costumes

I saw the Jewish Sabbath in Dynów's synagogue which is the most dynamic in Poland. Women weren't allowed to take part in the mass; we were watching it from a room upstairs, but the freedom, chorals and outfits made a strong impression on me.

Masks of Jews

The Book of Paradise

Alice in the Wonderland and cafe menu

I spend one of the nights in the old workshop with two friends, drinking beer, playing guitar and singing songs, waiting to take photos for the sunrise.
Finally, we went to sleep in front of a shed, covered with sleeping bags, only to wake up at 4 am to take pictures of the... mist instead of the rising Sun.


Misty house

Dynów fair



In wig in the shed