Annecy is small tourist town in Alpes. There is small village next to Annecy - Sévrier, which is beautifully placed between the lake and mountains. I went there with my boyfriend who took part in Bazaar of Moxen - Magic the Gathering tournament.


We started our trip at 7th of May. It was first flight in my life. At first from Warsaw to Zurich (we were flying over the storm and it was making me nervous), then from Zurich to Geneve (at night with a beautiful view of cities lights down there).

Waiting at the airport

We arrived in Geneve around 11 p.m. and we had a reservation for one night in a hotel and we planned to go to Annecy at 10 a.m. Troubles started when we tried to exit the terminal. We took exactly the opposite exit from the airport than we should.

"Honey, maybe we'll go right through the airport"
"No, let's go this way."

"This way" meant dark lanes, bike paths and multilevel car parks and tunnels, but at least we found the right exit.

"Why didn't we go that way?"
"Because I thought that we can't."
"But I told you that we can go through the terminal."
"Really? I didn't understand you then."

Then we were still wandering through lanes, car parks, tunnels and bike paths.
Hotel was supposed to be 15 minutes on foot from the airport but my doubts were growing with every minute of walking.

"Honey, are you sure that it was 15 minutes?"
"Yes, I'm sure."
"But maybe it was 15 minutes by car?"
"No, we will be right away."

Soon we passed another airport.

"Maybe it was 15 minutes from this airport?"
"...if they'll ask us in the hotel - our flight was delayed."

Luckily, wonderful scent of fresh flowers and chilling spring air was making our walk nice. Then we saw distinctive buildings in front of us.

"Look, it looks like a border."
"Erm... But it is a border."
"So we passed it on foot."

From Swiss Geneve we came to French town Ferney-Voltaire.
After 45 minutes of walk we got to the hotel room without a proper lamp with a bathroom that looked like a toi-toi put in the room.
But the view from this room was priceless.

View from hotel in Ferney-Voltaire

In Annecy we met our couchsurfing host - Franҫois who lead us to the flat he shared with two flatmates. We rested a bit after travel, played Bazar Bizzarre and then, following Franҫoise's advices we went sightseeing.

Bazar Bizzarre

View from Chateau

View from Francois home

The next day we went to the tournament. It was a great conference room where were about 600 people. Before the game we met the Polish team that wished me the best and congratulated the patience suggesting to Tomek that he should sell his playing deck and go to the jeweller straight away to get the ring - only because I was happy to "be in a crowd of a few hundred sweaty nerds" only to support him. When they found out that I also play they got even nicer.
I stayed untill the start of the first round and then went to see the village.


View from trail

View at the village


We decided to hitch-hike back to Annecy because there was no bus already. Although the weather was terrible with heavy rain and it was already dark night, we managed to catch a car in 15 minutes and the driver was sorry that he couldn't leave us closer to our temporary home.

The next day when I was standing over the lake, I hid my tripod, looked behind and met such a creature (btw, it's baldicoot) which was very friendly so I could feed it and take a few photos.


During my trips, I met another bird, totally absorbed by washing:


And another one, but not so friendly:

Angry swan

Last day we spent on a cruise:




After going back home we ate a great dinner prepared by Franҫois - croziflette (it's a casserole made of pasta called crozets, beaufort cheese, bacon, onion and cream) with nice local wine that we wanted to buy later, but turned out that there is prohibition after 7 p.m. in small shops.
We also went to the greatest concert in my life - there was really small, totally overcrowded pub, where Franҫois' flatmate played with his modern jazz band. There were so many people inside that it was difficult to move and at least the same number of people outside. We arrived just for the start of the second set and it was pure magic when people started to dance and jump with the first notes from the saxophone - and it was band's version of Britney Spears Toxic. They played many pop hits in completely new arrangements and they were totally able to create this wonderful connection with the public.
We went back to Warsaw through Geneve, although it wasn't great. The only thing to see was Jet d'Eau - a great fountain, because the Old Town was empty and had no atmosphere.


Window, Geneve