Inspired by a fellow coworker who recently went to Cork I finally decided to show photos from my short trip to this lovely city.

Courthouse Chambers

I went in there with my boyfriend at the begining of December while he went to take part in Magic: the Gathering tournament. As usual, when I travel with him at such occasions, I wandered through the city and took some photos.


We had to wake up at 5 am to get the Aircoach at 7 am which means that I slept soundly for all three hours that took to get to Cork from Dublin. Tickets were very cheap, just 8 euro pp.


At first I went with Tomek to the campus of University College in Cork. It's very nice terrain with big park and river going through campus.

Rzeczka z drzewem

Later my urban explorator's instinct took me to the abandoned church outside Our Lady's Hospital, formerly Eglington Asylum, now turned to apartments. You can find more info and loads of nice photos in here





In the meantime I found some interesting things like this sculpture over the river.


But the best thing that I found was the event in the Vision Centre. There was an exhibition by Mick Mackey who spent almost three years on Bird Island, South Georgia, next to the South Pole. Fortunately, when I went to see the exhibition there was very interesting and passionate talk by the author.


After the talk I went to meet Tomek and we went to eat something. Usually we discuss a lot about where to go but unfortunately this time we agreed about the location. We both wanted to go to the restaurant in the castle - just 15 minutes from city centre according to some sign on the wall. When we asked about the way some guy at the gas station told us that's about half an hour walk so we decided to go. Some 15-20 minutes later we asked another person that told us that's at least 30 minutes walk from the place we were... We decided that there's no point in coming back to the city centre and after about 50 minutes walk we were in the castle's restaurant. Unfortunately it wasn't so good, but we were lucky to see container ship leaving port - it was really amazing view - such a great vessel manouvering on the river in a moonlight. After the meal we did pub trail waiting for bus at 11 pm.
Tired, but happy we went back home and were very surprised by amount of people roaming the streets at 3 am in Dublin - the city was more crowded than during the day, there were some people dancing, some were playing music and some just wandering around. It felt like Dublin changed its nature for the night, like in some strange fairy tale, only to get back to normal the next morning.