Powerscourt Waterfall is the highest in Ireland - 121 m and is located 6 km from Powerscourt Estate. There is a bus nr 44 that goes all the way from Dublin city centre to Enniskery where we started our walk that takes about two hours (12 km). The road at the beginning isn't friendly for pedestrians as there is no roadside and there are a lot of sharp turns so you have to be really careful.


There's a very nice small farm shop located close to the entrance to the waterfall where you can buy local honey (looks like butter, is very delicate and I totally recomend it), cheese, meat or get a nice fresh hot soup. It's a really good place to take a break and refresh before further walk.


As in Ireland during early spring (or maybe rather late winter) we didn't have a nice weather - it was rainy and misty all the time but thanks to that the waterfall seemed even more romantic and mysterious.

zamglony wodospad

There are a lot of cars just under waterfall that unfortunately spoil the view but on the other hand you can get the good perspective to notice how great the waterfall is.

wodospad na długim czasie

We were considering coming back by walking to Bray and getting DART there but it appeared that the walk from waterfall to Bray would be twice as long as the one to Enniskerry so we went the same way we came in.

Powerscourt z daleka


wodospad z daleka

skałki i drzewo