I meant to write a post every single week but life pace is fast and though I've been thinking about it a lot, I didn't manage to do that for a few months. I'm an introvert and I write in the introverts pace - firstly I have to think, analyze, check if something is worth to say - and then maybe I will say that.
I've been thinking for long time what I'd like to write about Greece and there were so many things - food, landscapes, vineyards, sea, black beaches and so on...

But when you write about everything, you write about nothing, right?

So maybe I will tell you about (Santorini, the amazing volcanic island with the best hotel I've ever been. Nobody has paid to me to do so. Every time when I think about being in Voreina I think about having a piece of paradise created only for the two of us, me and my fiance (well, for the first day of being in there "just" a boyfriend).

That's how the ferry trip to Santorini was for me.
Śpiący Adzik

We had a suite with a terrace with two beds and a bathroom with jacuzzi under the window with a view to the island - the hotel is located at the hill and is built into the rocks.

Welcoming gift Room View

At the beginning of our stay we received a welcoming gift that included local wine, caper leaves and sweets.
At the evening we were taken by the limo to the vineyard for the wine tasting with and extraordinary view at the sunset over the see.
Then the driver came back for us and took us back to the hotel.
After that we've order the best meal ever from the local restaurant - a platter of a mixed seafood that we've eaten in jacuzzi.

And then Tomek proposed.


Over a year ago. I'm so slow with writing.

So that was the most important part of our crazy trip to Greece. But there's another one, also memorable.
The "because GPS said so" kind of a story, ending up with an off-road path at the side of the hill, having place only for one car on the road with sharp turns, going at weird angles up and down. At the other side only the valley full of trees and then sea. There was 11 people, having three small cars, two hyundais and mazda.
At some point we crossed the normal road but "the GPS was showing that we have to continue on" on this crazy path. That was the moment of my rebellion when I said no - I'm leaving the car and staying right here, not going any further. And that was a good decision as the two cars that climbed up the curved hill had to go down as there was nothing except for the chain and the abyss. Unfortunately, the photos don't reflect even a bit of that dangerousness.
Luckily, we all got back home alive but I definitely do not want to repeat that kind of adventure again.

Off road

All of that hassle to get a shortcut to the Epidavros Theatre.

Epidavros Epidavros Theatre

Most of the roads were at least a bit adrenaline-inducing.

droga droga górki

Another thing worthy of mention was the restaurant run by a Polish woman in Tolo (unfortunately I can't recall the name of it but that was one of the taverns by the seafront).
The food served was unusual and amazing - for the first time in my life I've tried sepia and although it looked horrible and smelled weird, it was really yummy.

Sepia Amnium

Obviously, we saw all the must-sees like the museums, Olympic Stadium, Akropol, sunset in Zeus Temple in Sunio or the Corinth Canal.

Corinth Stadion Stadion Akropol

In Athens we were in Athiri restaurant, that had a charming patio and very good food. We've found it the first night when we arrived to Greece - it was already 11pm and we were afraid that there will be nothing to eat but luckily found this place. After the feast we were strolling back to the hostel, taking random turns onto the lanes that we found interesting. By one of the turns Tomek said that one of the lanes looks very nice and we should go that way. There was a strange sensation in there, some sort of tension and only groups of males outside so we took a look inside a few buildings - we've seen there pink walls, posters with naked women and everything became clear. I guess that was some sort of mans primal instinct. ;)

In Napflio we saw the Fortress of Palamidi - I went in there with Tomek up and down by the very looooong stairs. After going down I was a bit embarrassed to stand up cause my legs were shaking so heavily.

Napflio Napflio Godraye Światło Fortresso Nogi_Tomka Smutny_Adzik

The monastyr in Mistra was also very picturesque.
Mistra2 Mistra Trawka

Another thing that amazed me was the fauna.




Especially this guy (I think that's a hornet): while I've been taking photos it's been cutting off the head of this poor grasshopper and while I finished, it took it into its "legs" and flew away with the head.