The most beautiful place I've been in my life (maybe except for Polish Roztocze). Mountains, rocks, perfect wine&food, no visual clutter and an absolute silence. Not too many tourists as well.
And adventures.



We stayed in Finca de los Frailes.
House was built into a hole in the ground. It was in the middle of 10 ha vineyard, with the house of the owners some kilometer or two from our stay. Beautiful large living room with fully functional kitchen, nice bathroom and bedroom.
When we moved in there was already one inhabitant in the kitchen sink that we helped to let go.


We were instructed by our host that prices for the electricity are very high and the water is being retrieved because of the lack of rain. He told us that Lanzarotians don't use too much water because it's too precious. It's raining for 10 days in total, the chance for rain is less than 3%. Guess what? It was raining once-when we were doing the volcano trail with the guide. The guide said that when it rains, it rains everything at once. He was right, at first it was mild but then there was a cloudburst.


The walk was beautiful, I can imagine that the landscape on Mars looks like that.
The guide said that there are a lot of photographs taken around - food and fashion because "when you will put a woman in fancy clothes on this background, where there's almost nothing it's beautiful, when you will put a woman in bikini it looks even better and when there will be a woman without bikini..."


We also went inside the underground cave where the silence was so deep that we could feel it. No buzzing, no cars, no people, no animals, even no wind because of no trees around. I think that is the kind of place where you can look for the nirvana. ;)

You can check out the trails over there - they are free but you have to book the place.




That wasn't the only volcano sightseeing that we did - we also went for the bus tour that is creepy because you go up and down around volcanos through the road wide enough only for one bus. No more, no less. No barriers, just the slope on one side and the ascending rocks on the other. There's a commentary in English and German.


Adventure nr 1

But of course if there are islands, there must be beaches. Almost each trip was an adventure - for the first time we went to the beach by an off-road where it was difficult to drive and quite boring as we had to go on very slowly on a sand path.
There were a few beaches around, separated by hills and rocks. One of them was half-nudist beach - some people were naked, some were in swimsuits. We've decided to go for it and join the first group - it was a wonderful feeling to be naked in the water, without anything covering the body, feeling completely free. I must say that I enjoyed that experience.

Adventure nr 2

Tomek has decided that we're going to some remote beach. Firstly we were driving to the top of the hill with barriers that had holes just wide enough for the car (for the not cautious driver as Tomek was joking). At the moments I felt like our car is not going to make it. But finally we were at the car park, staying at the top of the cliff. First few meters down were easy because there were steps built in the rock but after the moment I found myself on the edge of the rock, with a beautiful view in front of my eyes for the beach that was a few hundreds meters down. No barrier, no steps, just rock and this view. I've tried but I failed at an attempt to go down. But even if I would go down I'm not sure if I were able to get back up.


Adventure nr 3




Tomek told me that we're going to the island opposite Lanzarote - La Graciosa. That we're gonna rent the bikes and ride from beach to beach. That was the plan but the road wasn't that easy. Luckily the rental bikes on La Graciosa are very cheap - 10 euro per day and very, very good as they were able to go through all that way. It wasn't easy as it was very sandy path, going up and down with some dunes on the way and the markings made by jeep tires as those were the only vehicles there except for bikes. The first beach was very nice and not too crowded, there was also a hill nearby that we tried to get to but unfortunately my fear of height didn't allow me to go to the top.


The next beach we went to seemed abandoned, when we arrived there was no one except for us. It was nice and quiet and very warm as it was a black beach.


Adventure nr 4

One day Tomek told me "there's a park and a beach in the park". I must add that it was after over a week on Lanzarote so I don't know why I've imagined the proper park, with a lot of trees and the lake in between those trees. In reality we were going for 50 minutes by a rocky trail of Timanfaya, without proper shoes because we didn't expect the path to be so difficult. We were going up and down, rocks almost piercing the bottoms of our shoes. When we finally arrived to the beautiful black beach, we couldn't take a bath because, well, it's a national park after all.






Adventure nr 5

Tomek has decided that he would like to do the shortcut to home. We did an off road. Check out the photos. I don't have to say more. ;)




Adventure nr 6


I was learning to drive and I have to say that for the first time in my life I've been enjoying it! And I can't wait to drive again. I'm happy to push my borders because before I've been always scared to do that. Now it's easier. :)


After all, we went there to get some rest, reset and "recharge" so we went to most of the touristic attractions - a cactus garden, some vineyards with the best tasting wine on Eart, the salt mine, Cueva de los Verdes or Jameos del Agua. We also went to hear the classical music concert in Cueva de los Verdes which was absolutely incredible because of the perfect acoustics.














I have to mention the amazing Spanish food. We were lucky enough to be on Lanzarote at time of "Feria de las tapas" in Puerto del Carmen. The entrance was free, we had to buy tickets that we used to buy food and drinks. We got twenty tickets and tried the tapas from each stall - starting from paella to tuna to sushi to chili con carne, trying also amazing Lanzarotean wine.
Lanzarote has its own species of grapes called Malvasia and the sweet wine from this variety was the best I've ever tried. And I don't like wine too much.
We've also tried a very good local rum with honey.
We've tried a cactus fruit called the prickly pear (those bloody needles stuck in my hand for three days after touching it - I remember you!) and the guacamole made of cactus leaf. Characteristic for the island are also mojo sauces - green, made mostly of parsley or coriander and olive and red, made of peppers that are added to each dish.
I've tried a grouper for the first time and we've tried the paella with octopus ink.
Everything fresh and very, very good.




We also went to La Tegala of Germán Blanco but I must say that I enjoyed wine more than food and I left hungry although I took a tasting menu. Waiters quite often had to take a look into the menu to tell us what they're serving and that didn't look professional.



Just look at those beauties.




Let me know in the comment if you've ever been to Lanzarote and how did you find it. What could you recommend? If you prefer other of the Canary islands - don't hesitate to tell me which ones and why.