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I've heard that it takes about 21 days to form the habit, so for the next three weeks, I'll try to write at least a bit every day. A bit about our travel plans, places we want to go to, people we want to visit, thoughts about our lifestyle. That might be tough, but I hope that after three weeks of writing, it won't be such a nuisance but rather a pleasure. You can also tell me what you would like to read about on this blog?
Today I'd like to answer the question that I've heard a lot: how did you get an idea? How did it all start?
It started during kayaking four years ago when I've met Tomek. After half a year of being together, we moved to Ireland and began to travel around a lot.
During the on of the walks, on a gorgeous sunny and freezing day, we made a stop to rest on a grass.
Sometimes I get "sparks" or "flashes" of a brilliant idea in weird moments. This time, I've been staring at the narrow path, and before I thought, I said: Tomek, we both like travelling, maybe we should go for a longer trip somewhere?
He thought for a second and agreed. At first, we've decided that the theme of our journey should be a regional cuisine. I had no idea about my food intolerances then. :)
The idea was in the air while my friend Efka visited me in Ireland. We did a pub crawl on a Saturday, so there were hen parties everywhere. She firmly declared at some point: I will make you an epic hen party.
I repeated her words to Tomek, mentioning shyly and casually that maybe we should use the opportunity to have an epic... you know... a year instead of a month...
This time, Tomek was thinking for four months and finally proposed.
2016 is the year while everything is happening. We got married, left our regular jobs, sold everything that we could, and now we're still updating our plans. Luckily, the start of our European trip won't be hard because we already travel a lot through Poland so we get used to working on the road. Also, we can check how we should pack. I'm pretty happy and excited, but at the same time, I'm a bit sad to leave my friends and family for another half a year. But this is the subject for another post.
What about you? Would you go for such a trip? Where would you like to go?

Tomek on the market