How is Vienna?

I guess that would be your first question, so I can tell you that Vienna is huge at the first impression. Smelly. Messy. Dirty. Just like every big city. But the more you immerse yourself in the city ambience, the more beautiful it becomes. The houses, the architecture, the cafes - everything has its specific atmosphere.

Do you speak German?

When we left the bus, it was still dark, so we went to the McDonalds. Yeah, I know, I'm in Vienna and I'm going to Mac but there was nothing else open, and it was warm inside. I went to get some tea, and while looking at the board, I was creating a perfect sentence in German. I was so deep in my mind that only the second "HALLO", almost shouted by staff, woke me up. Apparently, my German disappeared, it was the same feeling like when you wake up from a dream. All my thoughts shuttered, so I started to speak English, and I saw that fright on the woman's face. The feeling I know so well because I felt the same when I had English speaking customers before I got used to them. Suddenly my brain woke up, and I was able to ask for everything in German. I have to say that my mind has nicely surprised me. :)

What did you eat?

Then we went for the breakfast to Urlich restaurant where I've decided to go for the recommended Vegan Wake Up: courgette fritters with cashew sour cream, beetroot hummus, avocado, tomatoes and sprouts, tiny teeny porridge with fruits and the even smaller portion of green smoothie with banana, spinach, romaine and ginger. It looked fancy, but I was disappointed. The veggies and fritters were bland; they weren't even salted.

Vegan Wake Up

Tomek was luckier than me because his omelette with bacon on a tomato and pepper ragout satisfied him.
Soon after breakfast, we went to see our new apartment which is enormous and warm, and we went to sleep straight away.

Ulrich breakfast Naturally, after we woke up, we started sightseeing from taking a sausage (traditional bratwurst for me and kaisekreiner for Tomek) from Wurstelstandleo and then we went to see the outside of the Schönbrunn Palace.


The weather was stunning with 17 degrees until it broke and started to rain.
After that we went to the Cafe Central and this time I broke and got a Cafe Central Torte which is a delicious cake with marzipan. It was too beautiful to find the right adjectives.

Cafe Central Torte

After that we did a short walk through the city centre and came back home because we're just exhausted today.

You can see more photos on the Instagram under the hashtag #adzikwanders.

Ada Wanders. Tomek in an old house in Vienna

Ada Wanders. Airbnb in Vienna.

Ada Wanders. Decorative window in a house in Vienna.

Ada Wanders. Ceiling, Vienna.

Ada Wanders. Architecture in Vienna.