When I was little, my parents used to move a lot, never staying in the same place for too long. I think that's why now I have this urge in my body and mind, to pack my backpack and go to see places. It brought me to the week long mountain trek with a Polish folk band, taking photos on the concerts, and recently, to leave my safe job in the restaurant and start travelling around Europe with my husband.
I began to write when I was few years old. I spent days at my grandma's quiet house, left with my thoughts and ideas. When I grew a bit, I had photography as an obligatory subject in the middle school and we started to like each other. During studies, I've discovered the darkroom photography and was even deeper in love.
After many life perturbances, I finally found my path, where I can do what I love.
I think that days are way too short as I also like cooking and baking - I have food intolerances so it requires a lot of creativity. I want to do everything, but I need to sleep at some point, right?
If you enjoyed the reading, or if something pissed you off, or if you have a job for me, you can write me on contact@adziklipa.me.

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