Chillout in Bern. Colours and Tastes of the Saturday Market.

Saturday Market Saturday food market in Swiss capital starts early in the morning under the cathedral. We wake up a bit late, at 10 am and after a quick breakfast, immerse ourselves in the noise, food scents and crowd of people. Silly logo found on the Saturday Market in Bern »

So how's Vienna? Short Stroll Through the Austrian Capital.

How is Vienna? I guess that would be your first question, so I can tell you that Vienna is huge at the first impression. Smelly. Messy. Dirty. Just like every big city. But the more you immerse yourself in the city ambience, the more beautiful it becomes. The houses, the »

Home is where the heart is?

Where is your home? What is the home? I can't answer that question yet because the place like this doesn't exist - any more and yet. The home was ages ago when I was lying on the couch with my family, watching movies, bursting because of the amount of cheesecake »

Mamma Mia! Kurde mol! Two Must See Places in Silesia.

Scroll down for Polish version./Wersja polska na dole. I <3 Silesia Today you can read about the intercultural food journey. Two of our friends living in Silesia showed us the best part of the region, but I was so agitated that I didn't even think about taking photos »


Scroll down for Polish version Eng After two months of relaxing, meeting friends, going from city to city and partying, we're slowly getting to the scary part: doing the first step of our journey. We delayed this point so many times, but now we have no choice: our friend Desi »

Who are we?

"I feel strongly humiliated. I'm embarrassed because of them... Because before, we were imagining a peace and coexisting. In the worst case - the war of the worlds. And what do we have here? Through - feeder. And squealing consumer meat. That's the war of the worlds we have! (...) We »

Tomboy, sexism and female human beings

Intro I was studying sociology for a year as my main faculty of the Interdisciplinary Humanist Studies. I remember one of the first classes on the philosophy so vividly, one moment of it, just like it was yesterday. We had to anonymously fill a survey, one of the questions was: »


You know that feeling when you suddenly realize something? Like you realize that you were doing something entirely wrong for your whole life and then something happens that open your eyes? I had one of those "clicks" recently when I read "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in The World That »