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European Inspirations: Tofu Cheesecake

NOTKA: WERSJA POLSKA [POD TYM LINKIEM] ( Tofu cake is my favourite one (because of health reasons I can't eat the real stuff T__T). My recipe is a result of experiments based on two others from Polish blogs: Weganon and Jadłonomia. I've »

Cataplana - a Mouthwatering Portuguese Experience

Wersja polska poniżej ENG The story of cataplana Come back with me to the VI century. Algarve run by the Moors, mostly Muslims and Berbers from North Africa. The big colourful houses have high cupolas and arched windows, in the parks and gardens, you can stroll through the high towers »

Sweet Potatoes Everywhere. Festival de Batata Doce in Aljezur and Bonus

Scroll down for Polish version/Wersja polska na dole Bonus Some time ago, I found out Tiffany Amber's website "Tamberdi". She focuses mainly on health, wellness and social justice. I thought that I could add my two cents to her website: slow life and minimalism, written from the perspective of »

Recipe Inspired By Portugal: Vegan, Gluten-Free Carob Muffins

My Favourite Vegan Gluten-Free Carob Muffins Inspired by Portugal: gluten-free carob cupcakes. As I promised, today I'm sharing with you one of my favourite dessert recipes. For the first sight, the list of ingredients might seem long, but the muffins are easy to make. I got the idea from my »

So how's Vienna? Short Stroll Through the Austrian Capital.

How is Vienna? I guess that would be your first question, so I can tell you that Vienna is huge at the first impression. Smelly. Messy. Dirty. Just like every big city. But the more you immerse yourself in the city ambience, the more beautiful it becomes. The houses, the »