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Summary of 2016. Marriage, travel, what else?

Scroll down for Polish version./Wersja polska na dole. ENG. The end of the year is a time of summaries. I think that 2016 was one of happiest and most challenging years so far. Here, I wanted to share with you the highlights of 2016 and plans for 2017. Getting »

How to survive a PMS and a period while travelling?

Scroll down for Polish version./Wersja polska na dole. Eng. Tough period "I will lay down for a moment", I said to Tomek and closed the bedroom doors. I was curling up in pain with glassy eyes, like every month, biting my teeth on a peace of duvet. Suddenly, Tomek »

Chillout in Bern. Colours and Tastes of the Saturday Market.

Saturday Market Saturday food market in Swiss capital starts early in the morning under the cathedral. We wake up a bit late, at 10 am and after a quick breakfast, immerse ourselves in the noise, food scents and crowd of people. Silly logo found on the Saturday Market in Bern »

Home is where the heart is?

Where is your home? What is the home? I can't answer that question yet because the place like this doesn't exist - any more and yet. The home was ages ago when I was lying on the couch with my family, watching movies, bursting because of the amount of cheesecake »

Mamma Mia! Kurde mol! Two Must See Places in Silesia.

Scroll down for Polish version./Wersja polska na dole. I <3 Silesia Today you can read about the intercultural food journey. Two of our friends living in Silesia showed us the best part of the region, but I was so agitated that I didn't even think about taking photos »


Scroll down for Polish version Eng After two months of relaxing, meeting friends, going from city to city and partying, we're slowly getting to the scary part: doing the first step of our journey. We delayed this point so many times, but now we have no choice: our friend Desi »


The most beautiful place I've been in my life (maybe except for Polish Roztocze). Mountains, rocks, perfect wine&food, no visual clutter and an absolute silence. Not too many tourists as well. And adventures. We stayed in Finca de los Frailes. House was built into a hole in the »


I meant to write a post every single week but life pace is fast and though I've been thinking about it a lot, I didn't manage to do that for a few months. I'm an introvert and I write in the introverts pace - firstly I have to think, analyze, »


My blog was dead for over a year because a person who was dearest to me is dead. I couldn't write, couldn't focus on anything because I was in grief. I still am but I'm slowly getting back to life what means that I'm getting back to writing about my »